Today my friend Bonnie shared this photo in facebook and the message immediately appealed to me and led me to share this. Bonnie later commented that she thinks of me living this was as she always thinks of my loving life. It's nice to hear this of a friend, even if we haven't seen each other for a long time and live in different corners of the earth. Other people, at school, for example, also comment that they always see me smile or that they always feel good when they came to have a chat with me. 
I do love life and I try to find things that I am grateful for or that I appreciate. It's important to always remember the things to appreciate, only that will lead to develop true happiness. 
My motto in life is to "go for it". Make conscious decisions and be prepared to deal with the consequences. Take responsibility for your own life. This, I feel, is empowering and puts me in control. And, ask anyone who knows me, I do like being in control. 



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